Indasa is a pioneering company in the manufacture and commercialization of fodder products. At present, bales are the most used format followed by pellets.


It was created by farmers of “Las Cinco Villas” in 1964 to be able to sell their own fodder products.


In the past, forage was used for the feeding of the animals without any type of industrial process. Traditional method led to a lost of quality of the forage.


The dehydration process consists of selecting the forage and drying it to leave it to a constant moisture on 12% so it can be preserved for a long time.


In Indasa we try to open new markets for forage. We have been exporting to several countries like The Emirates, Italy, France, China etc. Indasa values have been clear from the very beginning: Quality and Competitiveness.


Our facilities are provided with four manufacture lines allowing us to dehydrate a higher forage volume.


We are also provided with a big number of warehouses to keep the dehydrated product so the forage characteristics are better preserved for a longer time. To be able to handle the volume that we produce we are provided with machinery like:

    • Several mechanical loaders: VOLVO, NEW HOLLAND, FIATALLIS.
    • A Telescopic MANITOU machine, several trucks to transport the forage from the production line to the stores.
    • Several NISSA barrows to extract the bales production from the packers.
    • We also have several devices to control the alfalfa’s moisture that our producers bring us.
    • We also have a human team to control the quality, both at the entry in our facilities, and at the exit of the production process.