Indasa always works with first quality products. The manufacture process lasts a maximum of 24 hours from the collection in the field up to the transformation in factory. It is fundamental to process the product in this short period of time in order to maintain a high quality standard.

We collect our alfalfa

at night 

Our alfalfa  from the Ebro Valley is considered one of the best in Spain by its geographical situation, irrigation infrastructures and climatological conditions.

We consider the quality to be our best ally to compete globally.

Good quality Alfalfa is the one delivered green, out of grasses and with the whole leaf keeping this way all its protein.

We try to teach Indasa forage producers to get rid of the weeds, and we also guide them to do the collection in the most suitable way.


alfalfa characteristics

As we have already explained, the 1st quality alfalfa is the one delivered green, free of grasses and with all its leaf so it keeps its protein from 18 to 20 %.

our alfalfa qualities

  • 1st quality: Green, free of grasses and collected with the full leaf.
  • 2nd quality: Green, with a grass percentage between the 10 % and the 50%.
  • 3rd quality: Dumped or with a brownie color or with a grass percentage higher tan the 50%.

Ebro Valley alfalfa

The alfalfa from the Ebro Valley is considered one of the best by its geographical situation, by its climate and by its big irrigation infrastructure.